About Attorney

Jason Smith is an Orange County family law attorney. He represents men and women in family law disputes concerning divorce, child custody, spousal support, domestic violence, paternity, child support, and other issues. Mr. Smith appears frequently in Orange County Family Court. He has already fostered a great reputation with the family law judges and opposing lawyers.


Mr. Smith is a rising star in the Orange County family law world and aggressively represents his clients while maintaining a level of dignity and respect most lawyers lack. While he fights hard for his clients, he also knows when to advise them that fighting is not in their best interest, when to mediate, and when to negotiate. He prides himself on finding solutions for his clients, not in growing their legal bills.

Orange County Family Law Attorney Highlights

Mr. Smith is married with children. He understands how important his job is for his clients. When his clients come to him in tears, you can expect an empathetic professional who will explain how the process works, what one can expect, and how much it will cost. His staff will also be extremely courteous and patient.

Mr. Smith attended Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. Before that Mr. Smith graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating Mr. Smith worked for Smith LC. Now Mr. Smith devotes most of his attention to his family law clients.

If you find yourself needing family legal counsel, contact Mr. Smith for a consultation.

Major Practice Areas

Divorce – If you need a divorce attorney in Orange County contact us right away. You do not want to go unrepresented if assets and custody is at stake.

Alimony/Spousal Support – If you need a legal opinion on whether or not you are owed alimony or spousal support, contact our office. A lot of money may be at stake and Mr. Smith wants to make sure his clients get what they deserve.

Child Custody and Support – If your ex-spouse is defiant and wants to take revenge by holding child custody or child support against you, be sure to contact our office for a consultation. You can also visit our main pages on these subjects for more information.

Paternity – If you need to establish who the biological father of your child is, or want to contest an allegation, visit our paternity lawyer page for more information.

Domestic Violence – If you are being abused contact us immediately. If you are being falsely accused, you should also contact our office immediately. Don’t wander into a domestic violence mess like this without legal representation.

Division of Assets – When you are getting separated in a divorce, you will have to split up the assets you accumulated over the years of the marriage. This can get very complicated and we recommend that you review our community property and division of assets page for more information.