Dana Point Family Attorney

If you live in South OC and are dealing with a family legal situation, consider scheduling a consultation with Dana Point family attorney Jason Smith. Mr. Smith exclusively practices family law in Orange County and serves clients in Dana Point and neighboring cities.

While Dana Point is a little slice of heaven, located next to the beautiful blue Pacific, and home to the nationally renowned OC Blues festival, people deal with troubling family issues here just like anywhere else. While it’s difficult to pin down how many family law issues Dana Point residents seek annually, it is believed that OC has one of the highest rates of divorce in the country.


As a married father of two, Mr. Smith understands the difficulties clients face when dealing with family legal issues. Just because a couple decides to call it quits, doesn’t mean they’re not invested in their family. Mr. Smith strives to obtain the best arrangements possible for his clients in a post-separation situation.

Continue reading this page to learn more about choosing the right Dana Point family attorney, as well as the types of cases they handle. If you have questions about a specific legal issue, contact Mr. Smith for more information.

Choosing the Lawyer

A good family lawyer will first and foremost be an effective communicator. This skill should be apparent whether the lawyer is arguing your case in a courtroom setting, or keeping you apprised of the latest developments over the phone.

When choosing a Dana Point family attorney to represent you, it’s also important that you carefully consider your financial situation. Different lawyers charge different rate structures. Some charge a flat fee. Others charge by the hour, or in some cases, a retainer fee. It’s important that a lawyer discuss these different fees with you before signing an agreement. You don’t want any unexpected charges.

What Types of Cases Do We Handle?

Divorces & Separations

In most separations, legal divorce is the appropriate solution. Under California’s community property law, assets and finances accrued during the marriage are supposed to be divided between the separating parties equally. Doing this is easier said than done. A good lawyer will be vital to helping you sort through property and financial records in order to obtain the fairest share of community property you are entitled to under the law.

Dana Point Family Attorney for Men & WomenSpousal Support/Alimony

In the Golden State, courts are guided on the issue of spousal support by California Family Code §4320. The law requires the court to consider the earning capacity of each party and whether this is enough to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. In addition, the court must consider a number of other factors such as the supported party’s future earning capacity, the marketable skills of the supported party as well as the supporting party’s ability to pay spousal support. Your attorney can explain other factors that the court must consider to you in more detail.

Custody & Visitation

In cases where two separating parents don’t get along or communicate well, coming up with a fair child visitation schedule can be a monumental challenge. In extreme cases, one parent might even falsely accuse the other of domestic abuse in an attempt to try to get full custody of the children. Mr. Smith can help those who have been wrongfully accused.

Child Support

California Family Code § 3900 states that the father and mother of a minor child have an equal responsibility to support their child in the manner suitable to the child’s circumstances. When ordering a child support plan, the court will take into consideration each parents ability to pay child support. In some cases, perhaps after a parent has lost a job, the court might decide to modify a child support order. Mr. Smith can help with most types of child support cases.

Consulting a Dana Point Family Attorney

If you live in the coastal city of Dana Point, or in another city in South OC, family attorney Jason Smith has the skills and experience necessary to help you through your family legal issue. It’s important to remember that no website can adequately detail the nuances of family law. Each case is unique. If you have questions about a particular legal question, contact Mr. Smith to see how he can help you.