Ladera Ranch Family Lawyer

If you live in South OC and are going through a family legal dispute, it would be wise to consider scheduling a consultation with Ladera Ranch family lawyer. Located in OC, Jason Smith serves clients in Ladera Ranch and surrounding cities. Mr. Smith is married with two children of his own. He understands what its like to have a family, and has witnessed the psychological toll a divorce can take on spouses and children.

Continue reading to learn a little more about the types of cases a family lawyer handles, as well as what to consider when choosing a lawyer.

Choosing the Right Legal Team

Whether you and your soon-to-be ex are on relatively good terms, or you’re involved in a bitter divorce, it’s always recommended you have a qualified lawyer to guide you through the separation. In cases involving two people who get along, it’s important to remember that things can change. A family lawyer should be able to effectively communicate the potential problems that could occur down the road. These might include issues related to child custody, spousal support, and domestic violence.

In cases where the couple are barely on speaking terms, and the divorce promises to be difficult, you’ll want a lawyer who can be aggressive when necessary, and perform in a courtroom setting.

Before signing an agreement with a Ladera Ranch family lawyer, a person should also carefully consider their financial situation. Different lawyers will charge different rate structures. Some might charge a flat fee. Others might charge a retainer fee, or by the hour. It’s important that your lawyer explain the fees being charged so there are no surprises.

Ladera Ranch Family Lawyer Areas of Practice

Mr. Smith represents clients dealing with the following family law issues:

Divorces, Legal Separations, Annulments

Different types of legal separations are possible depending on the marriage or relationship in question. In cases where a marriage was entered by fraud or force, and annulment might be the appropriate method of separation. More often than not, divorce is the only option. Depending on the marriage, a divorce can be relatively easy, or incredible complex. Much of the complexity of a divorce relates to issues of custody as well as the division of community property.

Ladera Ranch Family Lawyer | JS Family Law AttorneySupport (Spousal & Child)

When determining a spousal support arrangement, the court is guided by California Family Code §4320. The law states that the court must consider the earning capacity of each party, and whether the amount earned is enough to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. Other factors the law requires the court to consider include: the marketable skills of the supported party, the job market, the ability of the supporting party to pay spousal support, and several other factors that your lawyer can explain in more detail. We have a detailed page regarding spousal support here.

The court must also consider the financial situation of each parent before determining a child support. A good family attorney will present a persuasive case on the client’s behalf in an effort to achieve the fairest child support arrangement possible. In cases where a person has already been ordered to pay child support, issues may arise if that person loses a job or experiences a reduction in pay. In such a case, it might be necessary to return to court to request a modification to the order.

In other cases, a parent receiving support on behalf of a child might encounter difficulty when it comes to the other parent paying the ordered amount. Mr. Smith can also help in this type of situation.

Consulting a Lawyer

Whatever your family legal issue, Jason Smith has the skill and the experience to help you through the legal process. If you live in Ladera Ranch, or some other city in Orange County, contact Mr. Smith to schedule a consultation.