Laguna Beach Family Lawyer

If you are dealing with a family legal issue, such as a divorce or separation, and live in South OC, consider scheduling a consultation with Laguna Beach family lawyer Jason Smith. Practicing family law exclusively in Orange County, Mr. Smith serves clients in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities.

Laguna Beach is known for its arts community and beautiful beaches. But even in the midst of such beauty, families struggle to stay together, just like anywhere else. While the number of Laguna Beach residents who seek divorce each year is difficult to pin down, Orange County is believed to have one of the highest divorce rates in the nation.


As a married father of two, Mr. Smith understands that even when people decide to separate they are still invested in their family. As a result, he always strives to obtain the fairest arrangements for his clients and their children in a post divorce situation.

Continue reading to learn more about choosing a family lawyer as well as the types of cases handled by family lawyers such as Mr. Smith. If you have a specific legal question, contact a Laguna Beach family lawyer to find out how he or she can help.

Choosing the Right Laguna Beach Family Lawyer

A good lawyer should be an effective communicator—whether presenting your case in a courtroom setting—or giving you updates over the phone. In California, laws regulating divorce are set up to treat both parties as equally as possible. However, the way in which your lawyer presents your case could make a significant difference in the terms reached following a divorce or separation.

Before signing on with an attorney, be sure to carefully consider your own financial situation. Different lawyer will charge different rate structures. Some lawyers charge a flat fee. Others charge a retainer fee or by the hour. It is important your lawyer explains how you will be charged so there are no surprises down the road.

Laguna Beach Family LawyerWhat Types of Cases Does a Family Attorney Handle?

Mr. Smith handles the following types of cases:

Divorces, Annulments, Legal Separations

Each family separation is a unique event. Different circumstances will call for a different legal approach when a couple decides to divorce. Mr. Smith can handle any of these. Under California law property and money accrued during a marriage is supposed to be divided equally among the separating couple. This is often easier said than done. If you are going through a divorce, Mr. Smith can help you sort through financial and property records to obtain the maximum community property you are entitled to under the law.

Spousal Support

When the court decides how to issue a ruling on spousal support, it is guided by California Family Code § 4320. The law states that the court must consider the earning capacity of each party and whether this amount is sufficient to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. Additionally, the courts will consider other factors such as the marketable skills of the supported party, the job market, as well the ability of the supporting party to pay. Other factors will be considered as well, all of which your lawyer can explain to you in detail.

In cases where a person has been paying spousal support but they suddenly lose their job or are struggling financially, Mr. Smith can help obtain a modification to an existing spousal support order.

Whatever your spousal support situation, review our main page for more information.


Child Support Issues

Under California law, both parents have an equal responsibility to provide support for their children in a manner that’s suitable to their circumstances. However, there are times when a person has difficulty making payments. There are also instances when perhaps a person refuses to make ordered payments. In either case, Mr. Smith can help you obtain a fair child support plan.

Consulting a Laguna Beach Family Lawyer

Whether you live in the coastal splendor of Laguna Beach, or another Orange County city, Jason Smith is a Laguna Beach family attorney with the skills and experience to help you successfully navigate your family legal situation. It’s important to remember that no website can adequately detail the subtleties of family law, and each case is unique. If you have a specific legal question, contact Mr. Smith for more information.