Laguna Niguel Family Lawyer

If you are dealing with a divorce, a custody battle, or any other family related legal issue, and live in the South OC, consider scheduling a consultation with Laguna Niguel family lawyer Jason Smith. Based in Orange County, Mr. Smith practices family law and serves clients in Laguna Niguel as well as surrounding cities.

A married father of two, Mr. Smith knows the investment a person has in their family and has seen first hand the difficulties people face when going through a separation. It’s always been his mission as a to obtain the best possible arrangements for his clients and their children following a dissolution of marriage.

Continue reading this page to learn a little more about choosing the right Laguna Niguel family lawyer as well as the different types of cases our lawyer handles. If you have questions about a specific legal issue, contact Mr. Smith to see how he can help.


Choosing the Right Laguna Niguel Family Lawyer

One of the main marks of a good lawyer is the ability to understand their clients issue and be able to communicate the best position effectively. Some family situations call for an attorney who can be aggressive, when necessary, and others call for a lawyer who can be conciliatory. In both situations, your attorney must be able to persuasively communicate the details of a case in a courtroom setting. In addition, a good attorney should be able to clearly communicate to their client any new developments and how those developments impact the client’s case.

So make sure that before you hire a lawyer, you are comfortable with his or her ability to communicate.

Another important issue to consider before hiring a lawyer is to carefully consider your financial situation. Different lawyers charge different rate structures. Some attorneys might charge a flat fee, while others charge by the hour. Some charge a retainer fee. It’s important that the lawyer you consider hiring explain these charges to you so that there are no surprises after your case is finalized.

What Kinds of Cases Does a Family Lawyer Handle?

Mr. Smith takes cases in the following practice areas:

Divorce & Marriage Dissolution

Some legal separations can be relatively easy. Others can involve multiple properties, significant finances, as well as debt. Depending on your specific situation, there are different options available for ending a marriage.

Things get more complicated if you and your spouse share substantial property & assets. Under California’s community property law, assets and finances accrued during a marriage are supposed to be split equally by the separating parties. This can be an incredibly complex task. Mr. Smith can help you sort through financial and property records in order to obtain the optimal division of property you’re entitled to under the law.

Spousal Support (also called Alimony)

When making a determination regarding spousal support, courts in the Golden State are guided by California Family Code §4320. The court is required to consider the earning capacity of each party and whether or not the amount is adequate to sustain the standard of living established during the marriage. In addition, the court will also consider factors such as the supported parties marketable skills, the current job market, as well as the supporting party’s ability to pay.

If you are in a situation where you have been paying spousal support, but perhaps have fallen on hard times, Mr. Smith can help you take the steps to have an existing order modified. If on the other hand, your former spouse is required to pay support, but refuses to do so, it may be time to go back to court and deal with that issue. Contact Mr. Smith to schedule a consultation.

Laguna Niguel Family LawyerChild Custody & Visitation

In extreme cases, one parent might level false accusations at the other parent in an effort to get full custody of the children. This is not right, and Mr. Smith can help you get the quality time with your children that you’re entitled to under the law.

It other cases, it can be incredibly difficult to establish a fair child visitation schedule, especially when the parents don’t get along. The law states that as a matter of public policy the court must strive to maintain frequent contact between the children and both parents following a divorce.

Child Support

Under state law, both parents are required to provide support to minor children that is suitable to the child’s circumstances. As in the case of spousal support, there are a number of factors the court must consider when deciding on an arrangement for the children. A good lawyer will be helpful when it comes to obtaining the best support plan possible.

Consulting with a Laguna Niguel Family Lawyer

If you live in the city of Laguna Niguel, or any other nearby city, and are going through a marital separation, contact family law attorney Jason Smith. It’s important to remember that no webpage can adequately explain all the nuances of family law, and each case is unique. If you have a specific family law question, contact Mr. Smith for more information.