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Child custody is a difficult and complex subject in Orange County, California. Not only is the law complicated, but it overlaps and affects so many other areas of law (divorce, support, visitation, paternity, etc). There is no easy way to cover it in a few pages. That is why we created this blog category.

While we’ve done a good job detailing the law on the above pages, we feel that we need to go even deeper on certain subjects. We know that this is barely scratching the surface when it comes to custody. So we are writing about more topics where the law intersects. The below blog articles also target fathers rights (and the myths that are plentiful among dads). We try to post on a topic if its one that a lot of people are asking about.

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Father’s Arrears Handed to Him in Appellate Case

By | July 13, 2018

In any divorce situation, particularly those involving children, it’s ideal to reach a settlement as quickly as possible with minimal rancor. California family law  was written to promote settlement, and even allows spouses to recoup attorneys’ fees when opposing spouses intentionally frustrate the settlement process. But a recent divorce case, the separation of Kelly and… Read More »

How to Fight False Child Abuse Allegations from Your Ex-Spouse

By | August 26, 2017

It’s a scenario no father wants to imagine: while going through a nasty divorce involving child custody the father suddenly becomes the target of false child abuse allegations. There are any number of reasons why one spouse will falsely accuse the other — perhaps the accuser is mentally unbalanced, jealous, vying for full custody, resentful, or… Read More »

How to Prevent Parental Alienation

By | August 13, 2017

Parental alienation happens when one parent seeks to alienate the child from the other parent. Often, this behavior is the result of some underlying mental health issue. And while the other parent is the intended target of the behavior, children are its collateral damage. This article was written to offer some general information on parental alienation,… Read More »