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As a parent you have an obligation to financially support your children. If you ex-spouse is refusing to do so, that puts a strain on your ability to raise your children. Plus, they are responsible for the kids as well! But support doesn’t necessarily mean that you must give your ex-spouse every penny, and he or she isn’t supposed to use it to go on lavish vacations. While we’ve written about the basics on our static pages (below), we don’t think that is good enough. That is why we created a child support blog category.

That is why we’ve written a lot more on the subject. Below the picture are blog pages about support and what it entails. They also detail where the law overlaps with other areas of California family law. This is important because the law is dynamic and you need to see the whole picture, not just little parts of it. That is another reason why you should hire a lawyer and not try to represent yourself.

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Using Child Support Services to Enforce Child Support Orders – Advantages and Disadvantages

By | August 24, 2017

If you’re thinking about using the services of the state child support agency to enforce a court support order, chances are good that you’re caught in a frustrating situation. Whenever an outside agency has to get involved with child support, parents in need of financial help for their children are usually at their wits’ end with… Read More »

The Impact of Derivative Social Security Benefits on Child Support

By | May 9, 2017

What are Derivative Benefits? Though it sounds like a complicated financial product — perhaps offered by a fancy Wall Street investment firm — derivative social security benefits are in fact relatively simple to understand. They are payments that go to the children of parents who receive social security, either due to disability or retirement. But… Read More »

What Should You Do if Your Ex-Spouse is Lying on the Income and Expense Declaration?

By | March 21, 2017

When a couple is going through the process of divorce, they are required to file an Income and Expense Declaration (Form FL-150) to request any spousal support (alimony), child support or attorney’s fees. Family Code § 2100 requires that the declaration be accurately disclosed. That means, lying about income or expenses will not to be… Read More »