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Community property deals with the division of assets upon separation or divorce. When two people decide to divorce, they need to split up the marital assets (“community property”). This is a complicated subject. This community property blog category lists blog articles that we’ve written that go beyond the static pages on our website. Below the picture you’ll find more information on the subject.

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Property Tracing and the Division of Community Assets

By | November 30, 2017

This article deals with family law and legal techniques that relate to the division of community property. One of the most complicated aspects of practicing family law, the question of how to equally divide a community estate, can often be contentious. This article was written to briefly discuss the legal technique known as property tracing… Read More »

Divorce and Fiduciary Duty

By | November 29, 2017

Folks in the process of getting divorced are often surprised to learn that separating spouses have a fiduciary responsibility to one another. This responsibility lasts until the divorce is finalized. If you don’t know what effect fiduciary responsibility will have on your financial transactions, or even what fiduciary means, take heart, this article was written… Read More »

How to Find a Forensic Accountant for Your Divorce Case

By | September 3, 2017

When dealing with a complex divorce case with a large community estate, hiring a forensic accountant might be necessary to ensure that you collect your rightful share of the community property. And while modern search engines have made the quest for complicated services such as forensic accounting easier, researching the right professional for the job is… Read More »