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From a legal standpoint, divorce and separation are not fun. Not only is the process emotional, but when the separation involves children between the couple, things get even worse. From high-states litigation battles to ex-spouses using their kids against the other spouse. This subject is comprehensive, and deserves comprehensive treatment on this website. That is why we decided to create a divorce blog category.

The above pages barely scratch the surface. Orange County has a high divorce rate and the amount of complicated legal subjects in this area are incredible. So we created this divorce blog category to assist folks in their search for information. Below you’ll find detailed blog articles about separation and where the law intersects with other areas of family law. The articles range from discussions about how to divorce a narcissist to examining common law marriages.

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Divorcing an Alcoholic

By | September 13, 2017

If you’ve spent any amount of time married to an alcoholic, and you are ready to divorce, you are no stranger to frustration and emotional pain. And as hard as divorces can be, those who decide to separate from their alcoholic spouse often feel a sense of relief as they prepare to embark on a new… Read More »

Mental Illness and Divorce

By | September 4, 2017

Divorce is often attributed to changing personalities or common human failings. But in many cases, serious mental illness is the main driving factor. And while these illnesses and disorders can be scary for those married to the sufferer, the process of divorcing a person suffering from one of these conditions can be equally taxing. To… Read More »